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With Salesapps, offer the best of Sales Enablement to your sales people!

Equip your company with the best of Sales Enablement, regardless of size.

Efficiency in appointments

At the heart of Salesapps, the sales appointment: Our teams, with their experience of mobile applications and sales, have designed a relevant and fluid tool for appointments.

A tool for any sales environment

Salesapps responds and adapts to the challenges of sales teams, whether they are hunters or breeders, nomads or sedentary, in B2B or B2C, SMEs, ETIs and major accounts.

Custom-made products on the shelf for an enriched experience

For navigation, customize a sales path, restore a graphic charter or an image through the application, Salesapps instantly adapts to your sales models and allows you to create a customer experience.

Rich and evolving functionalities

Highlighting your content (pdf, office, video, image, html...), connectors for CRM and other tools, intuitive search, dynamic filters, sharing and tracking, feedback from the field, gamification... Salesapps offers more than 200 features that contribute to improving sales efficiency.

Action Co Trophies

Salesapps elected best application of presentation commercial and
best solution of remote selling

Salesapps, the Sales Enablement application that boosts your sales efficiency

The Salesapps application allows salespeople to be more effective during face-to-face and remote meetings. He has a better command of his offers, he is able to adapt his speech according to the sales context and to create a sales experience with his customer. He develops his commercial efficiency by increasing the number of his appointments and his conversion rate, he simply sells better and more!

Salesapps Board, a simple and intuitive back-office to manage your users' actions

Salesapps is equipped with a user-friendly back-office to manage the main functions of the tool: users and profiles, management of rights by function & geographical area, management of the document base, authorization levels, selection of interfaces (tiles, carousels, visuals, titles, management of the tree structure...), statistics, animation, notifications, news areas, field feedback.

Archive your valuable customer appointment data

The data from your customer meetings is essential.
However, more than one out of two meetings is still not reported and does not exist for the CRM.

Salesapps with its reporting automation allows you to overcome this problem and to guarantee that all your sales representatives' customer meetings will be documented and available for consultation.

JCDecaux digitalizes its sales force

"The teams understood and saw the value of the Sales Enablement tool right away. It has brought a breath of fresh air to the sales teams.

Alban Duron, Marketing Director France - JCDecaux

Atlantic digitalizes its sales force

"We needed to be able to adapt our sales pitch to our different types of customers. 

Nathalie Paya Charron, Marketing and Communication Director - Atlantic

With Salesappsoffer the best of Sales Enablement to your commercial

Salesapps adapts to all types of sales paths and company sizes

The strength of Salesapps is that it focuses on the customer meeting, both in person and remotely. It is this central element that allows the application to best meet the aspirations of salespeople.

Thus, it is the application that adapts to the work of the salesperson and not the salesperson who adapts to the application, a guarantee of adoption and use in appointments for better efficiency.

"At the heart of Salesapps is the sales appointment. The document base there is built around the customer journey and not the other way around: it's an innovative approach in the Sales Enablement software landscape."

portrait stephane renger salesapps
Stéphane Renger
CEO - Salesapps

Salesapps can be adapted to all types of companies, whatever their size, SME, ETI or large accounts. The application allows a simple and quick customization without development, to fit the specificities and needs of each customer.

"Salesapps is a fully customizable off-the-shelf application that combines the robustness of an off-the-shelf application with the flexibility of custom software."

portrait georges da silva salesapp
Georges Da Silva
COO - Salesapps
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