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What is Sales Enablement?

" Sales Enablement, or digitization of the sales force ,facilitates and fluidifies the work of the sales staff with marketing, and vice versa, with the goal of selling more and better."

Georges Da Silva, COO of Salesapps


American companies have a sales enablement tool

CSO Insights


U.S. organizations that exceed their sales targets have a dedicated Sales Enablement person

HubSpot Research Global
Sales Enablement Survey


Rate of use of the Sales Enablement tool by Salesapps customers in the first month

Average observed by Salesapps
on its customer cases

The context: change in the behavior of
the B2B buyer

When buyers change, sellers must change.

B2B decision makers have changed dramatically. They are more informed about your offerings, but they also have less time to spend with your salespeople and are looking for guidance and support. Successful salespeople are those who act as trusted advisors to their customers, providing them with real added value. Salesapps allows you to transform and modernize your sales methods. By better equipping your salespeople, you make them more efficient, you help them create a sales experience and increase their chances of success.

All winners with the use of Sales Enablement


With Sales Enablement, your content becomes a sales driver


Sales Enablement equips your salespeople with the sales paths and content that will make them exceed their goals


Salesapps improves your employer brand with candidates and accelerates their development

Performance indicators observed at Salesapps customers


of customers have read the content shared with them.


45 minutes

saving on the preparation time of a sales meeting.


30 à 90%

savings on the paper printing budget each year (range observed by Salesapps on all its customers).



rate of increase in sales at GEODIS (6.6% on average for all Salesapps customers).



time saved in the integration of a new salesperson.

Thibaut Bergeron


sales representatives using Salesapps at JCDecaux with 100% uptime on the application in just 15 days.


With Salesapps, put Sales Enablement at the service of sales performance

Sales Enablement, an operational sales support tool

A Sales Enablement tool like Salesapps allows you to deliver content for salespeople, keep it updated in real time, and personalize it based on the caller.

It goes well beyond the simple distribution of content by offering a set of functionalities related to the operational support of the salesperson in his or her sales act: assisted customer paths, contextualization of responses, display of textual, video and multimedia explanatory content, content sharing, personalization, training and initiation programs, knowledge control, reporting and automated reports, etc.

Salesapps is more than a sales support tool, it is a tool for transformation and support
of sales forces towards excellence.

Atlantic digitalizes its sales force

"We needed to be able to adapt our sales pitch to our different types of customers. 

Nathalie Paya Charron, Marketing and Communication Director - Atlantic

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