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Align your marketing content on your business strategy

Turn your marketing content into business results!

Field-tested marketing content


Some content is not used by sales people

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Sales and marketing alignment can help your company improve its ability to close deals by 67%.

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With Sales Enablement,

Put the field back into your marketing content

Turn your marketing content
into content for sales

1. Connect your marketing directly to the uses and feedback from the field

In real time, you can test the effectiveness of your marketing actions, the quality of your content, the relevance of your customer journey, the accuracy of your business analyses and the adequacy of your product/service responses to your customers' expectations. The Sales Enablement application is much richer and more powerful than a simple document base, a drive, or the sending of emails. With Salesapps, the salesperson doesn't have to go looking for the content, it comes to him/her in the sales process. Your marketing teams play their role in supporting sales by providing salespeople with useful arguments to speed up the signing process.

2. Sales teams involved in the marketing strategy

Thanks to the Sales Enablement tool, marketing relies on feedback from the field to improve the tool, its paths and its marketing content. Through the analysis of their sales journeys, the content presented during appointments and their spontaneous feedback, salespeople are actors in this process. They actively participate in the improvement of the company's marketing strategy, which helps bring the two departments closer together and align their objectives. Thanks to their feedback, marketers can refine their strategy and in return, the marketing content they create will be better and more systematically used.

3. Real-time involvement of marketing in the sales process

Marketing is directly involved in the sales process. It is required to produce high-impact marketing content whose usefulness can be measured directly through the tool. The marketing strategy is thus tested in real time in the field, in order to measure its effectiveness and to make it evolve according to the results. This is motivating for marketers and sales people, who feel more effectively supported. The more useful this content is, the more it is used, the more fruitful the cooperation between the teams is, and the sales increase.

With the Sales Enablement application from Salesapps, marketing/sales alignment
becomes a reality

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GEODIS increases its sales with Salesapps

"The power of this application is that product offerings are better mastered by salespeople, better understood by customers and sales increase."

Vianney Leveugle, Sales and Marketing Director - GEODIS Distribution & Express

Sales Enablement makes marketing content powerful

The content marketing challenges that marketers face are numerous: content that is difficult to access, unread and criticized by sales representatives, difficulty in adapting content to the expectations of the field, whether sales representatives or customers, difficulties in measuring the effectiveness of this content...

"It's vital to make it easy for vendors to access marketing content."

pam didner
Pam Didner
Effective Sales Enablement

Ensuring the accessibility of this marketing content is not enough. It is also and above all a question of making this content stick to the field, to make it evolve in real time and to adapt it to the needs of the customers and the salespeople, while keeping a great flexibility and allowing the sales forces to personalize this marketing content, always fresh, always up to date with the latest information validated by marketing.

JCDecaux digitalizes its sales force

"The teams understood and saw the value of the Sales Enablement tool right away. It has brought a breath of fresh air to the sales teams.

Alban Duron, Marketing Director France - JCDecaux

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