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Train and support your sales force

Support your sales staff in their development of skills

Training at the heart of sales performance


The proportion of knowledge forgotten by participants in traditional training one month after learning

Herman Ebbinghaus


Percentage of the sales force not having the right capabilities to succeed in the coming years



of U.S. companies will face business skills challenges in 2022


"In sales, there are the stars, trained continuously, and there are the others"

Inspired by Jeff Ernst

Continuously train and test the knowledge of your sales force

1. A skills development of the new entrants in the sales force

In addition to your existing programs, make your training courses visible and accessible to the entire sales force with Sales Enablement. With the training and coaching courses integrated into the Salesapps application, you improve the integration of new salespeople and accelerate their rise to competence. This way, you will contribute to improving their mastery of products, sales techniques and sales pitches that will be effective with customers. The formats of the training materials are fun and quickly give new salespeople confidence.

2. The development of expertise on the entire commercial population

Sales training is not just for newcomers. The development of expertise must be continuous for the entire sales population. They must be constantly updated on new sectors, customers, products and sales techniques that will enable them to perform. The application, through a system of notifications and alerts, informs the sales force of the availability of new materials in real time and stimulates their activity. The playful training courses create emulation in the teams through a gamification process integrated into the application.

3. Launches of new products and services successful

Marketing teams launching new products and services have one obsession: to ensure that their new products and services are mastered as quickly as possible by the sales force in order to make them successful. The application makes it possible to perfectly coordinate all the sales people concerned and to get them to grips with these new products in real time. Subsequently, the application provides dashboards informing marketing of possible improvements to these products and facilitates the evolution of training content.

"With Salesapps, the time it takes to onboard new salespeople has been cut by a factor of four - one week instead of a month."

portrait franz thibault thibault bergeron
Franz Thibault
CEO of Thibault Bergeron

With the Salesapps application, your sales force is constantly trained and evaluated to be at the top of her game

Help salespeople acquire essential sales knowledge

In order to perform commercially, salespeople must be trained from the moment they join the company and at regular intervals, even on a daily basis. To do this, they must be provided with up-to-date training materials in real time, in addition to existing training courses. Access via an application on a tablet, PC or smartphone, encourages salespeople to test themselves continuously, on the move, in the customer's office during waiting periods, at the office or while working from home. Every moment is an opportunity to improve their knowledge and use it to improve their sales performance.

"The feature we use the most is the training feature that allows us, when launching new presentations or new products, to help sales people adopt the new pitch."

portrait carole ferte figaro
Carole Ferté
Business Marketing Manager - Career Department - Figaro Classifieds

In order to be better trained, you need to be able to evaluate your knowledge and, even better, to be able to compare it with the rest of the sales population in order to situate yourself in the sales training path. The inclusion in the Salesapps application of a ranking of the company's sales forces according to their level of knowledge is an essential element of motivation, which will guarantee the mastery of the subjects and the desire of the sales forces to progress in order to constantly improve their results.

"With Salesapps, we quickly had a 100% usage rate. Our salespeople save valuable time with the content of the training organized with new entrants."

portrait sophie saussier moet
Sophie Saussier
Assistant to the National Sales Manager - Moët Hennessy Diageo
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