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Offer a sales experience that marks your customers

Sales experience: creating a branded experience 

Field-tested marketing content


Corporate buyers say that the sales experience offered by a supplier is as important as its products and services.



of salespeople believe that there is an urgent need to modernize sales techniques.

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17% of the B2B buying process is dedicated to supplier contacts and each sales person has about 5% of the time of a B2B decision maker.


The Sales Enablement is requested by your sales staff,
and required by your customers.

Modernize your customer journey to offer
a unique sales experience

Salespeople demand a modern sales environment

The majority of salespeople are asking for more modern sales techniques and more adapted and efficient tools that will give them a competitive advantage in appointments. If creating a sales experience proves to be a decisive advantage in the field, it becomes an absolute necessity during remote appointments which suffer from a human deficit. In a difficult context of recruitment and retention of sales people, it is urgent to meet their demand for modernization of sales techniques, which will in turn lead to better sales results.

Your customers demand that you modernize

The demands of salespeople are high, but the demands of customers are even higher. B2B decision-makers are increasingly well-informed and even face an abundance of quality information. They have limited time to spend with salespeople and are demanding more in-depth and relevant information. They are looking for surprises, content and answers to their business problems. If the sales experience is bad, they will not hesitate to go elsewhere. This is what 57% of B2B decision makers* say they do.

*Source: Salesforce

Your managers also need tools to drive the business

Sales managers and marketers also need more modern and responsive tools, updated in real time, to better communicate with their sales teams and improve their results. With better, less time-consuming, more accurate and real-time updated reporting, with easy-to-read dashboards fed by feedback from the field and statistics showing the effectiveness of your marketing strategy that you can adjust.

"With Sales Enablement, our appointment satisfaction rate has improved, it's a way to build customer loyalty."

portrait sebastien verquin zolux
Sébastien Verquin
Sales Director - Zolux

With the Sales Enablement application Salesapps, your sales experience becomes memorable

Dirty enablement makes the content marketing efficient

The sales environment has become much more complex and buyers have become very demanding in the quality of the sales experience they receive from salespeople they are less and less willing to deal with. The salesperson who wants to outperform must be able to know not only his products and services - which his customer knows as well or even better than he does - but also and above all the problems of his customers. To do this, he needs to have the latest information, business signals and arguments that will enable him to turn the tide and make the customer demand the presence of the salesperson. To achieve this, a Sales Enablement application is an essential tool for sales performance.

"What we've noticed about the top salespeople is their skill and speed in using the tools."

tony hughes tech powered sales
Tony Hughes
Tech-Powered Sales

A tool is only worthwhile if it is used, and if sales people take it up.

"After 15 days of launch, all of our sales people are using the app daily."

portrait alban duron
Alban Duron
Marketing Director France - JCDecaux

The high rates of adoption and daily use encountered by all our customers show the importance and attractiveness of Salesapps. The application has become indispensable because it allows salespeople to do their job to the best of their ability and to bypass the main barriers to sales. And above all, like all good technologies, users end up forgetting about it because it blends into the sales process itself, it is part of the sale.

"The salesperson uses Salesapps to prove a number, an expertise, a business case, it has really revolutionized our salespeople's appointments and the experience our customers have."

portrait vianney leveugle
Vianney Leveugle
Marketing and Sales Director - GEODIS Distribution and Express
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