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Optimize your performances commercial

Make your marketing content a driver of your sales performance

The business performance in question


Proportion of B2B salespeople's time dedicated to activities directly related to the sale of products and services*.

Linkedin - B2B sales trends


Some of the salespeople's time is spent on administrative tasks, including updating the CRM

Linkedin - B2B sales trends


CRM users believe that poor data quality causes lost revenue

Validity in Venture Beat

With Sales Enablement, help your sales representatives
to accompany their customers in their purchasing decisions

A customer journey at the service
of your sales performance

Better prepared appointments

 Salesapps allows salespeople to accelerate and improve the preparation of their meetings by quickly identifying the most effective content to personalize their presentations. Knowing the context of sectors, customers and their issues in order to adapt their sales approach to the concerns of decision makers. By mastering the questions to ask and the elements that will surprise the customer, Salesapps saves time for the salesperson and helps him or her better prepare for meetings by providing decisive arguments.

More successful customer interactions

During the meeting, in person or remotely, the Salesapps application will encourage interaction with the customer. It will allow the salesperson to be relevant in his argumentation as well as in the answers he will give to the questions and objections of his interlocutor. He will thus be able to adapt to the customer's context and sector, to insist on the points that will contribute to his success and make him interested in your offer. Within the framework of adaptive scenarios, the application provides the salesperson with the right content at the right time in order to develop a sales pitch that hits the bull's eye.

Accurate and automated reporting integrated with CRM

After the customer meeting, the Salesapps application allows you to leave a trace of the visit and measure the impact of the meeting and the interaction with the customer. The application automates the creation of a report directly in the CRM and provides precise data on the customer's actions. This helps to minimize the time spent on administrative tasks by the salesperson so that he/she can focus on selling his/her products and services, and to feed the management dashboards and automation campaigns.

"The Salesapps app helps achieve sales performance that meets our goals."

Eric Jayet
Eric Jayet
Performance Director - Adéquat Interim and Recruitment

Increase your company's sales performance!

Sales enablement for sales performance

There are many reasons for poor sales performance: outdated information, obsolete presentations or presentations taken from another salesperson, lack of contextual data, lack of understanding of customer issues and how to respond to their challenges...

"Even in companies that are leaders in their markets, 60 to 80 percent of inside and outside salespeople fall short of their annual goals."

tony hughes tech powered sales
Tony Hughes
Tech-Powered Sales - 2021

The Sales Enablement application Salesapps allows you to go beyond the traditional content repository by transforming the sales journey, with the goal of moving decision makers through the buying process. Salesapps gives you the ability to transform the customer journey to deliver a consistent and lasting impact on your sales performance.

"Salesapps has changed the way we work by raising our standards, with highly visual, no-literature, factual content that gets straight to the point."

portrait vianney leveugle
Vianney Leveugle
Marketing and Sales Director - GEODIS Distribution and Express
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