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Improve your sales efficiency
in appointments

Sales Enablement for your sales effectiveness

Improve the sales effectiveness of your customer meetings with Sales Enablement


The share of the buying journey dedicated by B2B decision makers to meeting suppliers. Taking into account multiple decision-makers, a vendor has barely 5% of a customer's total buying time

Gartner for sales


Sales time that is not dedicated to selling. 40% of this time is invested in administrative tasks where 20% of this time would be sufficient

Jeff Ernst


Time sales people spend preparing for customer meetings (building proposals and researching content)

Value Selling Associates

Sales Enablement for Sales Effectiveness

1. Be more impactful in appointments and make a splash

The time spent in front of a customer is limited. With a better preparation of meetings, sales representatives understand better the stakes of their prospects, they are more percussive and become a force of proposal to help them solve their business issues with solutions.

2. Less preparation and more appointments commercial

Sales effectiveness in appointments is the backbone of selling, yet salespeople spend too little time in the field. By automating reporting, helping them prepare for appointments, providing them with relevant and useful information and playbooks, you free up their time to sell.

Automated and instantaneous visit reports

The visit report is useful for salespeople and managers, it ensures that the commercial prospecting is satisfactory in quantity and quality. Salesapps simplifies this time-consuming process by automating the reports and freeing up time for salespeople to improve their sales efficiency, to sell more and better.

Adéquat Group

"At the end of our appointments, Salesapps allowed us to leave a personalized offer in a way that we had never been able to do"

Eric JAYET, Director of Sales Performance - Adéquat Interim et Recrutement

GEODIS increases its sales with Salesapps

"The power of this application is that product offerings are better mastered by salespeople, better understood by customers and sales increase."

Vianney Leveugle, Sales and Marketing Director - GEODIS Distribution & Express

Sales Enablement, the engine of your commercial efficiency by appointment

Sales Enablement, a driver of sales effectiveness in appointments

To sell more and better, today's salespeople have no choice but to improve their sales effectiveness in appointments.

The majority of sales people dedicate too little time to sales. Yet, maintaining a dynamic and efficient sales prospecting is the obsession of all sales managers, as confirmed by Aurélie Meslages, Sales Director of Orangina Suntory France:

"Our first challenge is to be with our customers. To do that, it was urgent to control the time dedicated to administration, and Salesapps allowed us to do that."

portrait aurelie meslages orangina
Aurélie Meslages
Sales Manager - Orangina Suntory France

In addition, customers spend less time with salespeople in meetings and, what's more, they expect salespeople to help them with their business issues.

In short, today's salespeople must increase their impact in appointments and become more proficient in a shorter and shorter period of time.

Sales Enablement enables them to meet this new level of demand in meetings, face to face with the customer (in person or remotely), by allowing them to optimize their time and by providing them with relevant and up-to-date information in real time, while reducing the time spent on administrative tasks.

"Salesapps saves time during the preparation of the meeting, as well as with the automation of the visit report in the CRM. We estimate the time saved at about 45 minutes per appointment, which frees up the equivalent of an extra day per week to focus on the essentials: value creation and sales."

portrait stephane renger salesapps
Stéphane Renger
CEO - Salesapps
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