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Salesapps, a reference in Sales Enablement

Passionate about digital environments and the sales profession, the Salesapps teams work daily with a common goal: to make thesales approach more efficient, professional and fun.

Our reason for being


Improve sales performance outside and during appointments.


Provide areal-time alignment solution between Sales & Marketing.


Create a sales experience between the salesperson and the buyer.


Accelerate the development of sales force skills.


Facilitate the collection of data and the provision of decision support KPIs.

Creation of the company

March 2014
March 2014

Creation of the company


Launch of iOS and Android versions


Creation of the Salesapps brand

Publication of our 1st white paper
"What is Sales Enablement?"


GEODIS, 1st customer with more than 500 sales representatives equipped

Launch of the Windows 10 version of Salesapps

ActionCo Gold Award for the best commercial presentation application - GEODIS case


Enrichment of the Salesapps offer with quiz and training modules

Publication of the Salesapps connector on the Salesforce App Exchange


Fundraising with Odyssée Venture - appointments of Stéphane Renger (CEO) and Georges Da Silva (COO)

Allianz, 1st customer with 2000 sales representatives equipped

Bouygues Construction, the leading group supported internationally


More than 40 languages managed in the application

ActionCo Gold Award for the best Remote Selling application - JCDecaux case


Adéquat, 1st customer with more than 300 sites

Launch of the Dynamics connector

Launch of the Hubspot connector


+ More than 20,000 salespeople use Salesapps

Launch of the Akeneo connector

Publication of our 8th white paper
"The Connectors of Sales Enablement

ActionCo Gold Award for Best Sales Enablement Application - Adéquat Case

Improve the performance of your sales staff
with our Sales Enablement application

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