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Excite your customers,
Boost your sales force!

Salesapps adapts to your team and your needs


20€ / month/ user*

Your sales teams
are boosted!

The sales enablement for all

  • Fully functional multilingual application on/off-line
  • Automatic or manual update
  • Documentary base
  • Building and customizing presentations
  • Instant search, favorites
  • Structured information feedback and field suggestions
  • News, unlimited push notifications
  • Personal space: import of personal documents, contact form
  • Back Office with user management and usage statistics

Unlimited server space

+ Training

25€ / month/ user*

Your sales teams
are transformed!

Extend the power of sales enablement

Salesapps Features + :

  • Surveys and polls
  • Dynamic training material: your pop-ups teach you the right speech per slide
  • Training course
  • Quiz of knowledge control
  • Gamification
  • Question/Answer contests
  • Easy editing of courses and quizzes from the back office

Unlimited server space

* annual billing, minimum of 20 users users, volume discount from 50 users

1,000€ setup fee, +500€ per additional platform (iOS, Android or Windows)

Our pricing include :

#1. Support in the creation of your tree structure and your sales paths

#2. The creation of your Home Page and the storyboard of your application

#3. Training of directors

#4. Making your own tutorials

#5. Access to new releases of the application at no extra cost

#6. A dedicated Customer Success Manager for your permanent support

Our answers to your usual questions

Can I order for 1 month?

No, the initial commitment is annual.
You can test Salesapps by signing up here.

Can I test Salesapps?

Absolutely! Sign up here to download the test version of Salesapps.

Is it possible to have more than 50 users for my application?

Of course, Salesapps equips sales forces from 5 to more than 2000 salespeople for the same application.
Ask for a demo by filling out the contact form.

Can I change my offer?

Of course! You can upgrade to the next Salesapps offering or increase the number of licenses you want on your own.

Once in place, am I totally autonomous to make my application live?

The power of Salesapps is that you are perfectly autonomous to make your offers live.
The Back-office is so intuitive that your teams will have an extremely short adaptation time to update, publish, make your contents evolve.
In all cases a telephone support ensures you a continuous support.

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