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Le Modern selling pour faire mouche auprès du super acheteur B2B
1 février 2024

Le Modern Selling pour faire mouche auprès du super acheteur B2B

By Aurélien De Joffrey


Le Modern Selling pour placer le commercial au cœur de la création d’une expérience client unique, lui faisant vendre plus et mieux en rendez-vous ! Qu’est-ce que le Modern selling ? […]

What sales skills should your sales team have? How can they be strengthened?
January 23, 2024

What sales skills should your sales team have, and how can they be strengthened?

By Aurélien De Joffrey


Tout dépend du contexte actuel de l’entreprise et des profils de vente que vous cherchez pour renforcer ou développer votre équipe commerciale. Si vous souhaitez développer votre activité à travers […]

Salesapps X JCDecaux BtoB Leaders Awards
January 8, 2024

JCDECAUX wins 2 Gold awards at the BtoB Leaders Awards

By Aurélien De Joffrey


At the BtoB Leaders Awards 2023, several prizes were awarded to the best Sales & Marketing initiatives. These prizes are awarded by a jury of expert executives, who bring their [...]

Secrets to building a good sales pitch
December 20, 2023

The secrets to building a good sales pitch?

By Aurélien De Joffrey

In ,

What is a good sales pitch? An effective sales pitch responds to the buyer's needs and creates a desire to buy the product/service being marketed. In order to [...]

December 13, 2023

SAFRAN wins Bronze Award for Best Customer Experience at the BtoB Leaders Awards 2023

By Aurélien De Joffrey

In ,

The 9th edition of RIM has come to a close, and the winners of the BtoB Leaders Awards have been revealed! A wonderful evening highlighting the best initiatives of the year.

How to make a convincing sales presentation
November 27, 2023

How to make a convincing sales presentation?

By Aurélien De Joffrey

In , ,

What is a sales presentation? As the name suggests, a sales presentation is a presentation made by a salesperson with the aim of selling his or her product or service. It encompasses the sales pitch, [...]

How to modernize the customer appointment experience with Sales Enablement
October 30, 2023

How to modernize the customer experience with Sales Enablement?

By Aurélien De Joffrey

In ,

The customer experience plays a key role in sales effectiveness, and is all the more decisive as the time spent by the buyer with the sales rep is now increasingly [...].

How can we stimulate and accelerate the quality of field feedback from sales reps
October 20, 2023

How can we stimulate and improve the quality of field feedback from sales reps ?

By Aurélien De Joffrey

In ,

What is field feedback? Field feedback refers to the process by which sales teams share information and observations from the field with sales management and top management.

CSR & sales reps : the new challenge for managers sales reps !
September 28, 2023

CSR & sales reps : the new challenge for managers sales reps !

By Aurélien De Joffrey

In , ,

Why do companies implement CSR policies? Companies have gradually evolved in their adoption of CSR, moving from a Nice to Have to a Must Have approach. Some [...]

September 14, 2023

Is your sales strategy effective? How it works

By Aurélien De Joffrey

In ,

How to define your sales strategy? A sales strategy consists in defining and implementing sales and marketing actions to achieve the objectives defined by a company's management.

Onboarding customer deciphering
July 19, 2023

Deciphering customer onboarding

By Aurélien De Joffrey

In ,

What is customer onboarding? Customer onboarding, also known as customer integration, is the process by which a company welcomes and integrates new customers. The aim of this stage is to [...]

July 5, 2023

Onboarding or how to successfully integrate new employees sales reps ?

By Aurélien De Joffrey

In ,

Successful onboarding means new recruits stay with us and develop their skills more quickly! Do you want to effectively integrate your new sales reps employees? Do you want them to feel confident and [...]

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Successful Onboarding means newcomers stay loyal to your company and develop their skills more quickly!

Do you want to integrate your new sales reps staff effectively? Do you want them to feel confident during meetings, to create value for your customers? Do you want them to be able to answer your buyers' questions without hesitation? Are you looking for ways to reduce turnover at sales reps ? You've set up an Onboarding program, but you're wondering why it takes so long to get new recruits up to speed? Look no further! Here's an article on Onboarding and how to successfully integrate your new employees sales reps. Find out about the key stages of a successful Onboarding program, how to evaluate its effectiveness, the challenges to be met in order to offer a high-performance Onboarding program, and the role of a Sales Enablement tool in the successful integration of your sales reps.

What does Onboarding mean?

Onboarding refers to the process of integrating a new employee into a company. Onboarding is the first experience a salesperson will have within the company, making it an important moment for a new hire. The aim of Onboarding is to familiarize the new recruit with his or her new environment and corporate culture, to help him or her take ownership of his or her mission and responsibilities, and to enable him or her to quickly achieve autonomy and efficiency in his or her new role. Onboarding comprises a number of distinct stages, from pre-onboarding or the welcome day to coaching, training and regular follow-up throughout the integration period.

Why is Onboarding key to your company's performance?

Onboarding shouldn't be seen as a mere formality, but as a strategic lever to promote the success of new sales reps employees and, consequently, the company's overall efficiency.

Aneffective Onboarding process makes new sales reps employees feel welcome and supported from the moment they join the company. According to a study quoted in a Forbes article, employees who have benefited from successful Onboarding are 82% more likely to stay with the company. This is because when they are well integrated, new employees feel valued and are more inclined to get involved and actively contribute to the company's success.

Comprehensive, structured Onboarding enables new hires to acquire the skills and knowledge they need to perform effectively in their new role more quickly. A study mentioned in a HiBob article shows that companies with a strategic approach to Onboarding benefit from a 70% increase in new employee productivity. By providing them with the necessary resources and information, Onboarding helps to reduce integration time, ensuring that sales reps employees are up and running more quickly, and therefore able to make their first sales.

A good Onboarding process helps create a sense of belonging and a bond between new employees and the company. When new employees feel integrated into the company's culture and values, they are more likely to invest themselves fully and develop a long-term commitment. According to a study cited in a Harvard Business Review article, companies implementing a formal Onboarding program can benefit from a 50% increase in employee retention and 62% higher productivity within the same group.

The different stages of successful Onboarding

The different stages of successful sales onboarding

1. Preparing for the arrival of a new salesperson

Anticipating the arrival of a new salesperson is essential to guarantee successful Onboarding. Even before his or her first day, it's advisable to prepare the workspace by providing all the necessary equipment, such as computer, telephone and tools specific to the job. In addition, it's a good idea to send him/her information about the company, its culture and values, and the team he/she will be working with. This preparation gives the new employee a sense of expectation, and provides him/her with the initial elements needed to familiarize him/herself with his/her future environment.

2. Welcoming the salesperson, making a first impression

Thewelcome given to new sales staff on their first day is crucial to creating a positive first impression. It's essential to give him or her a warm welcome by organizing a welcome meeting and introducing the employees. During this meeting, it's a good idea to give the newcomer a welcome booklet and go over the company's objectives and expectations, as well as his or her role within the team. By providing a clear vision from the outset and answering questions, the company shows its commitment to the new employee's success.

3. Schedule follow-up appointments

Follow-up meetings are essential to assess the new sales person's progress and make sure they have everything they need to succeed. These meetings can be weekly or monthly, depending on the needs of the company and the employee. They provide an opportunity to take stock of tasks accomplished, identify any obstacles and provide constructive feedback. These privileged moments also strengthen the relationship between manager and sales rep.

4. Never leave your salesperson alone in these first steps

It's vital never to let the new salesperson feel isolated or neglected during his or her first steps within the company. It's important to foster exchanges with team members, encouraging collaboration andknowledge-sharing.

Why is onboarding so important?

4 benefits of effective sales onboarding

1. To reduce turnover and increase employee loyalty sales reps

Successful Onboarding promotes employee loyalty within the company. By providing a positive induction experience and ensuring that new sales reps employees feel valued and supported from the outset, the company strengthens their commitment to their position and the organization. sales reps who feel welcome and integrated are more likely to stay with the company in the long term, reducing the costs associated with recruiting and training new employees.

2. To develop productivity gains

Effective Onboarding enables new sales reps employees to quickly reach their full potential and get up and running faster. By providing the right training, resources and tools, the company enables each new recruit to quickly understand their role, expectations and internal processes. This reduces the time it takes to get up to speed, and increases the sales team's individual and overall productivity.

3. To enhance team and department cohesion

Onboarding not only integrates the new employee into his or her team, but also initiates relations with other departments within the company. Successful Onboarding fosters collaboration, communication and cohesion between different teams. By encouraging interaction and fostering cross-functional integration, the company strengthens synergy between departments, contributing to stronger overall performance.

4. For a better understanding and dissemination of corporate culture

Onboarding offers a valuable opportunity to transmit and reinforce corporate culture. By exposing new sales reps employees to the company's values, standards and practices from the outset, the company creates a cultural alignment that fostersemployee commitment to the organization. A strong, shared corporate culture fosters a positive, stimulating work environment conducive to the success of individuals and the company as a whole.

How can you assess whether an Onboarding process is effective?

5 criteria for assessing whether an Onboarding process is effective

A good Onboarding program for sales reps enables you to meet clear expectations, build relationships and get new recruits up to speed with sales as quickly as possible. Is your onboarding program effective? We've put together a list of criteria to help you decide.

1. Accelerated skills development

One of the key objectives of Onboarding is to enable new recruits to quickly develop the skills they need to succeed as a salesperson in a new company. So it's important to assess whether the Onboarding process is leading to rapid and significant progress in sales reps skills. How can we measure this? By evaluating the time devoted to learning the sales pitch and tracking progress in learning about offers/services, the quality of the sales pitch used in meetings, the ability to respond appropriately to buyers' questions, sales techniques, etc.

2. sales reps efficiency improves

A good Onboarding process should have a positive impact on sales reps performance. It is important to measure whether new recruits are able to put into practice what they have learned during their Onboarding, and whether they achieve the sales targets set. Indicators such as the volume of prospecting calls made, the rate of appointments booked, the prospect/customer transformation rate, etc. can be used to assess this effectiveness.

3. New recruits ask the right questions

An essential part of Onboarding is providing new sales reps recruits with the knowledge and information they need to be autonomous in their work. Evaluating the Onboarding process can include observing how new recruits ask relevant questions about products, customers, sales targets and so on. This indicates their understanding of the business and their ability to adapt quickly to their new environment.

4. The new sales reps come out of the script

An effective Onboarding process doesn't just teach new recruits a sales script to recite. It must help them develop a deep understanding of buyers' needs and adapt to specific situations. Assessing whether new sales reps recruits are able to break out of the script and personalize their interactions with buyers can provide insights into the effectiveness of Onboarding.

5. Reduced turnover at sales reps

What is your turnover rate for new entrants over the first 3, 6 and 12 months? Are you doing better than your market? Has it fallen? By facilitating their integration and providing appropriate training, you create an environment conducive to retaining new entrants from the outset.

What are the challenges involved in effective onboarding?

The challenges of delivering effective Onboarding for sales reps can vary depending on a number of factors, including the specifics of the company, the working environment, and the needs of sales reps themselves.

1. Information overload

When Onboarding, it's important to provide sales reps with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed. However, information overload can be counterproductive and overwhelm newcomers. It's essential to find the right balance between imparting the necessary information and cognitive overload.

2. Lack of structure

Well-structured Onboarding is essential to deliver a consistent and complete onboarding experience. The absence of a clear, organized Onboarding path can lead to confusion among new sales reps employees, affecting their productivity and satisfaction.

3. Remote integration

With the rise of telecommuting, sales reps Onboarding can take place entirely online. This presents additional challenges in terms of creating human links, effective communication and access to training content. The Sales Enablement application can be used for effective remote integration, guaranteeing up-to-date, 100% offline access to training materials.

4. Communication challenges

Clear and regular communication is essential for effective Onboarding of sales reps. It can be difficult to ensure smooth communication between new sales reps, managers and team members. Appropriate communication channels need to be set up to facilitate thedaily exchange of information and mutual support.

5. Further training

Onboarding should not be limited to the initial integration period. sales reps employees need ongoing training to develop their skills and remain competitive in the marketplace. Putting in place training and development modules throughout their career path is essential to ensure their long-term success.

Sales Enablement for successful sales onboarding!

Sales Enablement for successful sales onboarding

Onboarding sales reps is a crucial step in building a successful sales team. To guarantee your success, it is essential to consider Sales Enablement as an essential component of this Onboarding process.

One of the main challenges when Onboarding sales reps is the plethora of information to which they are exposed, often disconnected from their role or simply difficult to memorize. According to a study conducted by Herman Ebbinghaus, around 87% of knowledge is forgotten by participants in conventional training courses one month after learning. Exposure to training content plays a key role in the successful development of your sales force. The greater the exposure, the more effective the sales reps training. By investing in a Sales Enablement application for daily use, you can continually expose your sales force to training content, even in offline mode. The result? More confident sales reps appointments, successful integration phases for new recruits, product launches mastered by all sales reps and training courses that are as close as possible to the needs of the field.

The other advantage of a Sales Enablement tool is its ability to assess skills development. In addition to combining learning with fun, the quiz format enables the salesperson's knowledge of a specific subject to be assessed. The manager can then pinpoint certain gaps and guide specific content, or simply provide personalized support to ensure the success of sales reps right from the start. All the data collected via the Sales Enablement tool can be used to identify best practices for successful integration, and apply them to future new arrivals.

The Sales Enablement approach offers two advantages. On the one hand, it optimizes the efficiency of the Onboarding process by enabling the creation of training programs and paths dedicated to Sales and applied to their constraints in the field. On the other hand, it reduces the time it takes to ramp up skills, helping to boost sales reps 's performance more quickly. The Sales Enablement application also enhances your attractiveness during recruitment interviews, by projecting the candidate into his or her future position, and providing a recruitment experience that leaves a lasting impression. Finally, the Sales Enablement application is proving to be a real asset when it comes to retaining sales reps employees within a company. This is the case with our customer, the Adéquat Group, which has succeeded in reducing turnover among its sales reps staff by 30%.

Onboarding with Sales Enablement: what our customers say!

Franz Thibault, CEO - Thibault Bergeron "At Thibault Bergeron, we launch 30 to 40 new models of boxes, caskets or ballotins every year. We have a total of 3,000 references in our catalog. With Salesapps, the time required to integrate new sales reps, i.e. to present the company, its offer and its new products, has been divided by four, going from an average of one month to one week".

Vianney Leveugle, Marketing & Sales Director - GEODIS "Offers are better mastered by sales reps and therefore better understood by customers, which leads to increased sales".

Sophie Saussier, Sales Support Tools Manager - Moët Hennessy Diageo "We manage around fifty brands, many of which are hundreds of years old! Between their history, hundreds of references and sales plans, there's a lot to assimilate. With Salesapps, we quickly had a 100% utilization rate. Our sales reps customers save an enormous amount of time in preparing their meetings, for example by finding the content of the training organized for new recruits".

Manon du Crest, Real Estate Market Manager - Figaro Classifieds "Gathering the offers of our five brands in the same place is very useful for our sales reps juniors, especially in telesales, where there is a high turnover. We use Salesapps as an empowerment tool rather than a monitoring tool: the more sales reps people use it, the less they consult us directly, which enables us to focus on other, more strategic subjects.

Eric Jayet, Performance Director - Groupe Adéquat "Used in the integration process and then in the sales person's day-to-day work, Salesapps has enabled us to reduce our sales reps turnover by 30% over 1 year".

See also our article onCustomer Onboarding!


What is successful Onboarding? Successful sales onboarding means effectively integrating new recruits into the sales team. This involves a tailored, structured training plan that familiarizes them with the company's culture, offers/services and different sales strategies. Good sales onboarding guarantees a rapid rise in competence, increased confidence, an optimum contribution to sales growth and a reduction in turnover sales reps.

Why is Onboarding so important? Onboarding is crucial, as it directly influences the success and retention of new employees sales reps. A solid onboarding process promotes rapid adaptation, strengthens employeecommitment and reduces the risk of early departure.

When does Onboarding begin? The Onboarding process begins a few days before the newcomer'sarrival at the company, at a stage known as pre-Onboarding. The aim is to maintain the link established during the recruitment stages with the sales person before their official arrival at the company. This stage provides preliminary information, clarifies expectations and eases the transition to the start of the integration process. This ensures that employees are better prepared and more motivated from their first day on the job.

Who is in charge of Onboarding a salesperson? The person in charge of Onboarding varies according to the size of the company. In general, it involves the relevant manager and the human resources department. In some cases, the Sales Enablement Manager may also be involved. He or she ensures that all training content is available to the sales person, and that the ramp-up in skills is rapid and efficient.

What tools are available to facilitate Onboarding? The Sales Enablement application is one of the most effective tools when it comes to onboarding new recruits. It enables us to project sales staff into their new role right from the recruitment process, accelerating their skills development and getting them up and running in the field as quickly as possible. By pooling training content and providing tailored training, the Sales Enablement application not only promotes smooth integration and optimum performance from the outset, but also helps to reduce turnover among new recruits sales reps.

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