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Turn your marketing content into content that sells

Marketing content: create, publish and sell!

The many challenges from content marketing
in the face of the sale


Marketers say their primary goal for content marketing is to convert prospects into customers

Walker sands in eMarketer


Content created by marketing for sales is never used and 90% of B2B salespeople never use marketing content because it is irrelevant, dated or not customizable



The average increase in signatures if the sales person uses a Sales Enablement tool

CSO Insights

Salesapps turns your marketing content
into sales content

1. More useful marketing content for sales

With Sales Enablement, you turn the logic of content strategies on its head. Marketing content is put to work for salespeople within contextualized paths designed to help salespeople save time and increase efficiency. With Sales Enablement, your marketing content becomes sales content.

2. Better use of marketing content

With Salesapps, your presentations are always up to date, attractive and easy to customize, they allow your marketing content to become a real work tool for your salespeople. They become useful and rewarding for the salespeople, who quickly adopt them.

3. Up-to-date, automated and simplified reporting

With the automated reporting offered by Salesapps, it's easier to get information on the usage rates of content in appointments, its impact and its appreciation by customers and the sales force. With Sales Enablement, not only will you never produce marketing content blindly again, but you'll also be able to adjust it based on your observations in the field.

JCDecaux digitalizes its sales force

"The teams understood and saw the value of the Sales Enablement tool right away. It has brought a breath of fresh air to the sales teams.

Alban Duron, Marketing Director France - JCDecaux

Atlantic digitalizes its sales force

"We needed to be able to adapt our sales pitch to our different types of customers. 

Nathalie Paya Charron, Marketing and Communication Director - Atlantic

With Salesapps, give your salespeople the content they deserve

Turn your marketing content into sales content

Marketing content drives views, commercial content drives sales.

By integrating this sales journey into a Sales Enablement tool, you focus your content strategy on content that is truly useful to salespeople.

Content updated in real time for the entire sales force, as Caroline Demey, Sales Communication Project Manager at Bouygues Energies et Services explains:

"Salesapps allows us to make our content available in real time, whereas previously multiple, often outdated, versions passed from server to server."

portrait caroline demey bouygues
Caroline Demey
Project manager for commercial communication - Bouygues Energie & services

With Salesapps, your content no longer sits on the shelf.

"After six months of launch, our usage rate is still 100%, with all of our sales people using the app daily."

portrait vianney leveugle
Vianney Leveugle
Sales and Marketing Director - GEODIS

Salesapps' real-time reporting capabilities finally allow you to know in real time which content is selling and which content will need to be replaced.

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