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Testimony of Eric Jayet_Groupe Adéquat

- Eric Jayet, Group Performance Director Adéquat
- Stéphane Renger, CEO Salesapps

Adéquat Group

How to make your sales force successful and reduce turnover with Sales Enablement?

In the highly competitive temporary employment and recruitment market, the Adéquat Group wanted to accelerate the development of its business, develop its value-added services and reduce its sales cycle by optimizing the production of personalized proposals. In 2021, the Adéquat Group called on Salesapps to equip its 400 sales representatives with a Sales Enablement application. One year later, the NOMAD application won the Action Co Trophy for the best Sales Enablement application.

Feedback from Adéquat Interim & Recruitment, a major player in the sector with its 400 salespeople, and Salesapps, winners of the ACTIONCO Trophy for the best Sales Enablement application.

Presentation of the advantages of sales enablement by Geodis

- Vianney Leveugle, Marketing & Sales Director GEODIS Distribution & Express
- Stéphane Renger, CEO Salesapps

GEODIS Distribution & Express

How to digitalize and make your sales force successful with Sales Enablement?

Vianney Leveugle, Marketing & Sales Director of GEODIS Distribution & Express, is in charge of sales support for a team of more than 350 sales people. He deployed Salesapps five years ago. How to create the conditions for a successful Sales & Marketing alignment and boost sales performance? From the initial design of the application to its adaptation to the needs of the field over time, through its adoption rate and the animation of teams, discover all the keys to develop your sales efficiency.

- Aurélie Meslage, Business Development Director Suntory Beverage & Food France
- Georges Da Silva, COO Salesapps

Suntory Beverage & Food France

Round table: live my life as a salesman, operational carthography of sales

In a constantly changing economic world, sales organizations must readapt to remain effective. Reorganizing the sales force to meet these new challenges has become a priority. A round table discussion which allowed to draw up the future of the sales profession and to discuss the actions to be taken in the long term to boost sales performance.

Conference on sales enablement and sales performance

- Aurélie Meslage, National Sales Director, Suntory Beverage & Food France
- Georges da Silva, COO, Salesapps

Suntory Beverage & Food France

Successfully digitizing your sales force

Aurélie Meslage is the head of the sales force at Suntory Beverage & Food France and was elected Sales Manager of the Year by ActionCO. For the past two years, she has deployed Salesapps to her 220 salespeople. The co-construction of the solution with her sales team has allowed the development of a powerful tool adapted to a changing environment.

Let's take a look at this successful digitalization and focus on its next challenge: the sales team incentive with Salesapps!

interview Salesapps

Moderated by Clément Fages, journalist, and with :
- Eric Jayet, Adéquat Performance Director
- Benjamin Peyrache, Marketing Director Adéquat
- Stéphane Renger, CEO Salesapps

Adéquat Group

How to make the most of the recovery with Sales Enablement?

Created in Lyon in 1987, Adéquat, a major player in temporary employment and recruitment with a national network of 300 local agencies, talks about the recent switch of its 400 sales representatives to Sales Enablement.

With the testimonies of Benjamin Peyrache (Marketing & Communication Director) and Eric Jayet (Performance Director), discover Adéquat's experience, from the design of the application to its national deployment, as well as the first gains measured on sales performance.

Read the complete testimonials of :
Eric Jayet - Adéquat Group Performance Director and
Bejamin Peyrache - Marketing Director Adéquat Group


Moderated by Claire Dollez, journalist, and with :
- Stéphane Debicki, Sales Director, CHIMIREC Group
- Georges da Silva, COO, Salesapps


How to start the digitalization of your sales force?

What are the challenges of digitalizing the sales force? How to organize and mobilize sales and marketing teams? What are the benefits in the salesperson's daily life and during face-to-face or remote meetings? Start a virtuous digitalization!

Visio Sales enablement

Moderated by Laure Tréhorel, journalist, and with :
- Patrick Vissac, National Sales Director MHD
- Georges da Silva, COO Salesapps

Moët Hennessy Diageo

Why & how to successfully digitalize your sales force?

What are the challenges of sales force digitalization? What is the value creation for the sales and marketing departments? What are the benefits in the salesperson's daily life and during face-to-face or remote meetings? Discover how to optimize your sales efficiency.

Read the full testimony of Patrick Vissac - National Sales Director of Moët Hennessy Diageo

JCDecaux talks about salesapps

Moderated by Clément Fages, journalist, and with :
- Alban Duron, Marketing Director France, JCDecaux
- Romain Lacoche, Customer Marketing Manager, JCDecaux Group,
- Georges da Silva, COO, Salesapps


Sales Enablement: how JCDecaux digitalizes its sales force

Faced with the health crisis, JCDecaux quickly adjusted its sales approach and deployed a Sales Enablement application to its 400 sales representatives. "Getting the message across quickly" became a priority to boost business, as Alban Duron, the group's marketing director for France, explains in this testimonial devoted to their experience.

Sales Enablement also meets the challenges previously shared by JCDecaux: mastering its marketing content, steering the activity of its sales force and better understanding its customers' expectations. In short, the goal is to always have "the right content, in the right format and at the right time" as Alban Duron summarized.

nathalie payat charron

Moderated by Clément Fages, journalist, and with :
- Nathalie Paya-Charron, Marketing & Communication Director of the Atlantic brand
- Stéphane Renger, CEO, Salesapps

Atlantic Group

Personalize our appointments according to our clients, according to our objectives...

The digitalization of sales forces has become the key to a better alignment of Sales & Marketing and to the improvement of sales performance. In the current context, mastering remote and face-to-face meetings is essential to develop or relaunch your business.

Atlantic, European leader in thermal comfort, has decided to deploy Salesapps to its sales force to better control the distribution of its marketing content and personalize its approach to customers.

Discover their feedback and a demo of their application.

vianney leveugle geodis interview

Vianney Leveugle - Marketing and Sales Director GEODIS Distribution & Express and Georges Da Silva - COO Salesapps


Sales Enablement: marketing for sales performance

90% of marketing content is not used by sales (1) and only 23% of companies consider that the data in their CRM is of good or very good quality (2). A daily headache to deploy an efficient sales and marketing strategy for its customers.

You are a Marketing Director or Manager, Sales Director or Salesperson, Company Manager...? Accelerate your digitalization! Discover how Sales Enablement will enable you toimprove your sales performance by aligning Sales & Marketing.
What are the best practices and new uses offered by the digitalization of sales forces?

(1) The new rules of Sales Enablement, Jeff Enrst
(2) Gartner

Zolux webinar

Sébastien Verquin - Zolux Sales Director and Georges da Silva - COO Salesapps


10 key points to make your project a success!

Digitizing sales acts and presentations using a tablet or PC application has become a priority for many marketing and sales organizations.

The design and animation of this application are key to the success of your project and the production of tangible ROI.

Return on the 10 key points to succeed your project with a particular focus on the digitalization led by Sébastien VERQUIN, Sales Director, within the company ZOLUX.

BtoB summit 2021

- Romain Lacoche, Director of Operational Marketing & Customer Relations, JCDecaux
- Georges Da Silva, COO Salesapps


How to successfully digitalize and onboard your sales force?

The performance of a Sales Enablement application is first measured by its adoption rate by sales teams. Deploying a sales application means targeting 100% of its usage rate as quickly as possible and during your peak periods. Sales teams are rich, with varied experiences and profiles. How can you create the conditions for an efficient sales & marketing alignment and boost your sales performance? Here's a look at a successful experience with Romain Lacoche, Operational Marketing & Customer Relations Director at JCDecaux.

salesperson who used salesapps

Nicolas Dumoulin (Digital Robot Coupe Project Manager) and Georges Da Silva (COO Salesapps)

Robot Coupe

Pilot your digitalization!

This year you want to implement a Sales Enablement strategy and digitalize your sales teams.

In 45 minutes we propose you to come back on :

  • the ROI of Sales Enablement in a sales & marketing organization,
  • good practices to be applied immediately and
  • tips to boost your results.

After 3 years of digitalization of its sales teams with Salesapps, Nicolas DUMOULIN - Digital Project Manager @ ROBOT COUPE looks back on the organization put in place.

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