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for sales performance
andsales & marketing alignment

Sales performance strengthened at every stage: before, during and after the appointment.

With Salesapps, the salesman creates a new sales experience with his customer, he is better equipped to value his offer and sell more!

Available on PC, tablets and smartphones


Save time when preparing a meeting
(content research, presentation customization).


Share of increase in the number of signatures and sales observed with Sales Enablement.


Save administrative time on CRM data entry with the synchronization of
appointments and the automation of visit reports.


Reduce the time it takes for sales teams to get up to speed with Sales Enablement.

Sources: Salesapps clients (EDF, GEODIS, Thibault Bergeron)

Discover Salesapps and its features live!

Secure connection

The use of our Sales Enablement application is secure and nominative. Each user has a login and a password, the complexity of which you define and the frequency of authentication. For an even more transparent use, the login interface can also be connected to your SSO authentication system.

Face to face
as well as in remote selling

The application adapts to your meeting formats to increase efficiency. Face to face meetings such as one to one or plenary sessions as well as remote meetings with screen sharing, it's a winner! Salesapps allows you to manage sales paths and content formats that are adapted to your meeting.

Personalized sales paths

A fluid, intuitive and efficient navigation. For maximum efficiency in appointments, the application is fully customized based on your graphic charter and your sales paths. The sales approach is adapted to the sales context in the field (approach by need, by offer, by customer, by product, by type of network...) and will hit the bull's eye with buyers.

Documentary base

The contents are integrated within a tree structure of themes / sub-themes allowing a clear and customized organization of your contents (company, services, products, sectors of activity...). Documents can also be linked together or associated with multimedia content. The application can manage any content format: pdf, png, jpeg, ppt, word, excel, mp4, html5, redirection...

Dynamic filters

Very useful for spaces such as References, Business cases, Products... the access and presentation of this key information during meetings are often synonymous with efficiency in the concretization of its business. Salesapps, our Sales Enablement application, offers a highlighting of these contents, associated with a search by dynamic filters and/or keywords.

Customize presentations in a few clicks

With Salesapps, the salesperson creates and customizes his presentations in a few clicks from the documents in the application. He can select one or several pages of different documents, order them as he wishes, then add a cover page, intermediate pages and signature pages. A simple solution to personalize a presentation from updated and centrally controlled content.

Content sharing and reading reviews

During or outside of a meeting, content such as personalized presentations can be shared by email to your clients and prospects with a simple click. For security and/or confidentiality reasons, the administrator can disable this feature for a particular piece of content if he wishes. As soon as a content is shared, the user is notified when his content is read or downloaded, he can then organize his follow-ups in a much more efficient way.

Search engine

The search space spontaneously highlights the latest updates and the most consulted content. The search engine works by auto-completion, it displays the results in real time as soon as the first letter is entered. Searches are carried out at two levels, on the contents present in the application and in the documents directly.


The user has a bookmark space allowing him to easily place content that will be accessible in 1 click for an appointment. He can also create spaces dedicated to his customers in order to facilitate his sales (Sales Enablement).


Training offers a complete range of support to fully master sales presentations. A very simple and intuitive pop-up system allows you to learn at your own speed the right arguments, to appropriate the right pitches, to be able to use them at the right time.

Quiz & training course

Stimulating thematic training courses. Quizzes, through the diversity of formats offered and their fun dimension, considerably accelerate the development of sales teams' skills. Their use is perfectly suited to the integration of newcomers, the development of your expertise and know-how or the coordination of successful product launches. Salesapps is a sales efficiency gas pedal.


To create an emulation among users, the application integrates a gamification engine. It can be used for content management, field feedback and training programs. Management and allocation of badges, customization of levels, trigger thresholds, scoring, ranking, notifications, everything is there to stimulate daily use.


The Media Library brings together all the multimedia supports you have at your disposal. This digital wall makes it easy to play and bounce from video to video. It's so easy to take advantage of these different media that your customers will be surprised to choose the videos they want to watch.

News - social networks

The News space allows you to consolidate all the news, generic, contextual, commercial, market information, etc. in the form of a news feed. This space also allows you to aggregate the feeds of your social networks and blogs into a single feed to provide a centralized reading to your commercial population.


Contact form, satisfaction questionnaire, order form, contract... Structure your information gathering, save it centrally, in CSV format or in your CRM to guarantee completeness and traceability of this information. 

Feedback from the field - Winsta

Structure your information feedback (photos, files, text information, etc.). This function categorizes the information at the source in order to send or share it with the right people. All the categories of feedback can be archived and configured directly from the Back-Office, which makes it possible to adjust, complete and develop the upstream flows. A gamification and animation engine between collaborators is available.

100% offline operation guaranteed

The complete online and/or offline operation of Salesapps guarantees you the best possible user experience. Your content, documents, images as well as multimedia, are up to date and accessible regardless of your appointment conditions. No surprises, everything is at your disposal so that you can make a success of your appointment and your sale. That's Sales Enablement!

Automatic and/or manual update

An application and contents always up to date! As soon as a network is available, Salesapps automatically synchronizes to update the latest available content. This synchronization can also be left to the user's initiative and managed manually.

Language management

Salesapps is natively multilingual. Its configuration depends on the language of your device and the contents accessible according to your user profile. The application can manage more than 40 languages and many user profiles to adapt to each business environment. Regardless of the default language, the user can access the contents in other languages according to the rights assigned to him.


Depending on his rights, the user can manage his content through his personal space. He manages his signatures, organizes his presentations, controls the activity on the contents he shares and he can also import/export contents when it is necessary for his activity. 

JCDecaux digitalizes its sales force

"The teams understood and saw the value of the Sales Enablement tool right away. It has brought a breath of fresh air to the sales teams.

Alban Duron, Marketing Director France - JCDecaux

Atlantic digitalizes its sales force

"We needed to be able to adapt our sales pitch to our different types of customers. 

Nathalie Paya Charron, Marketing and Communication Director - Atlantic

Salesapps, a sales efficiency gas pedal!

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