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Drive vs Sales Enablement
September 19, 2022

Sales Enablement VS Drive: improve your sales performance

By Aurélien De Joffrey

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The digital transformation has profoundly changed companies. It has been accompanied by the creation of digital tools that have revolutionized communication, collaboration, sharing and content management. [...]

April 15, 2020

Content Staging: how to design a successful business presentation application?

By Georges da Silva

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When the question of digitizing your sales reps media arises, the next question is what content you have or would like to publish. This is a subject we [...]

remote commercial presentation
March 29, 2020

How to make a successful remote sales presentation?

By Georges da Silva

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Whether it is a purely ecological, economic, international deployment, optimization of your travel time or more basically linked to a strong impossibility to move [...]

March 23, 2020

Which sales reps tools should you choose for your sales force?

By Frédéric Poulet


Choosing the best sales reps tools for your sales force has become a real challenge for marketing, sales, IT and even general management. The idea is not to [...]

November 29, 2019

How to increase the competence of your sales force?

By Frédéric Poulet


Increasing the competence of the sales force is obviously a major concern for any self-respecting sales manager, whatever the field of activity. Whether it is in [...]

May 2, 2018

What if you coached your sales team like top athletes?

By François Dumont


All companies want their sales reps to work well and achieve good results. But how do you tell the difference between good results and exceptional results? The answer: a [...]

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All companies want their sales reps to work well and achieve good results. But how can you tell the difference between good results and outstanding results? The answer: a set of tools, techniques and know-how concentrated around Mobile Sales Enablement, to get your team to the top of the podium.

Coach and manager: same fight

The coach's ambition in a team is to take it as far as possible. To do this, he relies on experience and individual qualities, but he is also present to talk strategy, analyze the performance of the players on the field, promote group cohesion and provide appropriate advice.

In high-level sports, the arrival of advanced technologies has made it possible to use big data to refine analyses. We know who performs well, what passes, shots or commitments are successful and who contributed to the victory.

In the sales function, it's the same thing. Without accurate data, it's impossible to make the right action plan to sell better, target high-potential customers better and share information with the entire team. And that's where Mobile Sales Enablement makes the difference. It analyzes group performance, individual performance, coaches teams on a daily basis with customized training sessions, boosts sales culture and animates, advises and informs all players on the field.

Coaching a sales team like a top athlete therefore implies that the manager must take a step back and maximize the power of the data and statistics at his disposal to build his strategy.

Soft-skills adapted to make a difference

In professional sports, the pressure is intense. The pressure of the public, the results, the sponsors or the opponents. Those who manage to keep it under control are those who perform best. To achieve this, the mind is of considerable importance. It is necessary to observe the environment, to analyze the situation in real time with the available data, to make decisions quickly and to accept the associated risk.

In business, soft skills are just as important.

In sales, emotional intelligence, listening skills, and observation skills help to adapt the tone and style of a presentation.

Is your customer a visual person? Skip the big speeches and go to photos, videos and 3D animations directly from your tablet.

He wants proof? The latest customer references are fully documented and available at the click of a button.

Does he need to talk to his management? The presentation is immediately exported and shared on all tools and platforms.

Adapting the content and the container to the sales act means giving your players all the best practices to make the difference with a competitor and thus reach the top level.

Continuous training

An athlete who doesn't train regularly or who avoids challenges is an athlete with an uncertain future. Not training means accepting defeat. A renunciation that can be costly, both individually and collectively.

To avoid this situation with your sales force, your role as coach is to encourage them never to rest on their laurels. New trends, market news, benchmarking... every piece of information can be of crucial importance to colleagues sales reps or to the marketing department. It's all about searching, learning, making connections and passing on information.

Mobile Sales Enablement makes communication fluid. It makes sharing feedback accessible to everyone in a matter of seconds.

At the same time, your sales reps staff need continuous training to keep them active and on top of their sales pitch. This can be achieved through interactive training on a tablet, with modules updated in real time and accessible in connected or disconnected mode, depending on their constraints, their pace of life and their desires.

A tablet and a sales application are the pillars that will allow your teams to progress, step by step. Mobile Sales Enablement is a concrete example of the benefits of the digital transformation of sales organizations. Coupled with an effective coach-manager, it can transform Sunday sportsmen into high-level athletes, allowing them to work with confidence, gain intellectual agility and better develop their emotional intelligence. These are essential qualities to triumph over all competitors!

If you liked this article, I invite you to download our white paper: "All about Mobile Sales Enablement" and to contact us.

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