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December 13, 2022

Sales Enablement: ROIs are in!

By Aurélien De Joffrey


ROIs Sales Enablement

Marketing departments, regardless of strategy, continue to face rapidly changing B2B buying behaviors, with more empowered and informed buyers, and much more competition. This combination of factors creates an environment in which CMOs must adjust their action plans and measure the ROI of their investments for maximum effectiveness.

This is highlighted by a study conducted by LinkedIn that found that 77% of marketing managers feel under pressure to prove the ROI of marketing campaigns. Engaging in a Sales Enablement approach offers quick gains through the productivity levers it brings, and leads Sales & Marketing teams to a more agile organization in driving its strategy.


Infographic Sales & Marketing Alignment to Increase Your ROI

The Sales Enablement application brings real-time sales & marketing alignment, significantly improves sales force performance during and outside of appointments, and creates a new sales experience with customers.

#1 Real-time sales & marketing alignment

Turn marketing content into sales content! The right argument at the right time! Aligning sales & marketing through a Sales Enablement application will ensure that the content used by the sales force on a daily basis is used and updated in real time. 

This content, available on all devices including offline (Computer, Tablet, Mobile), is directly accessible in the sales process of the salesperson during his or her appointments or for the preparation of the latter.

Synergies between management, marketing teams and field teams are strengthened, the time required for information feedback from the field and analysis is reduced, and decision making based on clear KPIs is accelerated.

#2 Increased business performance

The Sales Enablement application is your salesperson's best ally. Before the meeting, it allows him/her to access his/her marketing content more easily, to create a personalized presentation simply and quickly, and after the meeting, to free up precious time thanks to the automation of visit reports in the CRM. An estimated time saving of 45 minutes on the preparation of a meeting according to Hervé Carette, Innovation Project Manager at EDF. 

Being freed from administrative tasks, the salesperson can devote more time to making other appointments. This is the observation of Aurélie Meslage, Sales Development Director at Orangina Suntory France, and her team who made 3,000 more visits in one year, resulting in additional sales of 800,000 euros. Sophie Saussier, Head of Analysis and Sales Support Tools at Moët Henessy Diageo France, also attests to this result with more than 1,200 appointments per month.

In addition to face-to-face meetings, the Sales Enablement application also proves to be formidable during remote selling meetings. In particular, it allows you to create the excitement that buyers are looking for and to increase the number of meetings. Since its launch, JCDecaux has multiplied this type of meeting by 10 with more than 1800 meetings per month.

Thanks to his modern image, his better mastery of the offer and of the sales pitch in meetings, the sales person with a Sales Enablement tool sees his conversion rate increase by 5 to 15%, sometimes more. Sales Enablement is a very effective lever for generating more signatures, as shown by the results of the Adéquat Group with a 12.5% increase in turnover.

NOMAD, the application deployed by Salesapps for Adéquat Interim and Recruitment, was elected best Sales Enablement application by the Action Co 2022 Trophies with exceptional results from the first year:

+ 12.5% of the turnover on the target
+ 10% of the Gross Margin Rate Temporary Work
+ 10% of the average price of a recruitment
+ 66% of the related costs

Finally, and this is good for the planet, the digitalization of the sales force also allows you to significantly reduce your print budget when you manage catalogs or brochures. As an example, the company ZOLUX has reduced its print budget by +90%, a saving of 50K€ per year.

#3 Accelerated skills development and reduced turnover

Demand Metric estimates the reduction in ramp-up time due to the digitalization of marketing tools at 60% on average. A record beaten by Franz Thibault, CEO of Thibault Bergeron, for whom the time needed to integrate a new sales person into the company has been divided by 4. Integrating a new talent is to make the most of it so that it is positioned in a dynamic of success.

It also means providing them with the tools and knowledge necessary for their development. The Sales Enablement application makes this approach possible thanks to adapted training courses and individualized monitoring of the increase in skills. It has enabled the Adéquat Group to reduce turnover by 30% over 1 year. 

#4 A conquered sales force

To guarantee the success of your Sales Enablement strategy, the challenges of marketing and the needs of the field teams must be taken into account during the co-construction of your application. Creation of tree structures, graphic interfaces, full deployment or a pilot, training... All these steps are key to ensure the success of your project. As an example, the Adéquat Group has recorded a 100% adoption rate in the week following the training sessions and a daily usage rate of 100% for its 400 sales representatives.


Salesapps Board to easily manage your business and improve your ROI

The KINGS obtained above cannot be achieved without regular analysis and monitoring of KPIs. Because monitoring your activity is essential to the success of your Sales Enablement strategy, we have designed Salesapps Board! An interface that allows you to easily manage and monitor your activity. Whether you want to follow the sales path of your sales reps during appointments, analyze your statistics (per session, per user, per video/document viewed and shared) or follow the development of your sales force... Salesapps Board will be your best asset to analyze your KPIs and make the right decisions.

To explore all the KPIs proposed by Sales Enablement and discover more ROIs generated by companies such as EDF, Figaro Classifieds or GEODIS Distribution & Express, we suggest you read our Sales Enablement KPI & ROI White Paper.

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